As a priest I'm often asked: How did you become an Orthodox priest? People are sometimes dissatisfied when I simply tell them that I was ordained. Again people ask: How did you become an Orthodox Christian? I often get the same response when I tell them that I was chrismated! 

The Orthodox Church is God's Home, and like a loving Father, God calls us to it.

The reason that I sometimes hesitate to give a personal testimony about my journey to faith is because 1.) It's not finished yet. I'm still becoming the person who God wants me to be, and 2.) What God is doing in my life is far greater than myself. Our lives have to be about Jesus Christ. If we pursue a life in Christ, with Gid's help others will follow.

Still, it can be very helpful for us when we learn from other people's journeys that have lead to the doors of the Orthodox Church. Maybe it will help others do the same. I know that it did for me.

In this section are articles that contain the personal stories of people who have found their home in the Orthodox Church. More articles about the subject matter can be found at

Better yet, feel free to talk to any of the people at Saints Constantine and Helen (including myself) whose lives have been changed by Jesus Christ! 

+Father Jason